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Wisenet WAVE Client Workstation
The WWT-P-7400L client workstation is an easily deployable small form factory solution that can be used on-site, or remotely to access your Wisenet WAVE video recorder. Powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU & Nvidia GPU, this powerful workstation can drive up to 4 monitors.
Key Features
Key Features:
  • Preloaded and configured with Wisenet WAVE video management system
  • Supports Wisenet and ONVIF conformant IP cameras
  • Latest 9th Generation Intel Core i7 CPU
  • Nvidia Quadro P620 GPU w/ (4) Mini DisplayPort output
  • 4x Mini Display Port to HDMI adapters included
  • Includes USB mouse and keyboard
  • 5-Year, On-site, Next Business Day, Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty
  • Powered by the Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Operating System
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