Wisenet SKY Bridge 304

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Wisenet SKY Bridge 304
Wisenet SKY Compact Bridge
The Wisenet SKY Bridge acts as a gateway from your premises to the Cloud Data Center where your video is stored and managed. The bridge provides video buffering, a secure connection, bandwidth management, and monitoring of cameras.

The small form factor of the compact bridges is suitable for applications up to 15 cameras when a server rack is not available. They are suitable for wall or shelf mounting.
Key Features
Key Features:
  • Supports up to 15 1MP cameras ~ 12 4MP cameras*
  • Supports up to 5 cloud analytics, with supported license
  • Intelligent Bandwidth Management with local buffering records up to 2 days
  • Dual gigabit network ports
  • HDMI & DisplayPort video outputs for local display Front panel indicator lights. Please note: An active license is required to use the Wisenet SKY
  • Compact form factor for wall or shelf mounting
  • Fully cloud-managed
  • Supports motion detection or continuous recording
  • Supports Wisenet and ONVIF conformant IP cameras
  • Complete encryption of video in transit and at rest
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